Hospital Based Dentistry

What is Hospital Dentistry?

For those who cannot maintain or receive traditional dental care, hospital dentistry offers a compassionate, efficient alternative. Some patients who are medically compromised are more safely managed in a hospital setting, especially for more complex needs. 

Dending on age, medical conditions, or neurodiversity there are also some patients who may be unable to complete standard dental regimens in office, or they may feel heightened anxiety about the responsibility. In some cases, dental needs and medical problems may be intertwined, requiring the presence of both a medical doctor and a dentist. These cases require localized, comprehensive care, and our team of dentists and speciality trained support personal can provide this service in a safe manner.

If you believe hospital dentistry is the best fit for your child, we will help you make the needed arrangements and assist you with the paperwork. If you have any questions about hospital dentistry or think that it may be necessary for your child please contact us.