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Board Certified Pediatric Dentists in Winston-Salem and Kernersville, NC

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What is the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry?

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) was organized by the American Society of Dentistry for Children in 1940. It is the only ADA-recognized certifying board for the specialty of pediatric dentistry.  The mission of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry is to achieve excellence in pediatric dentistry through certification of all pediatric dentists.

All of our doctors are board certified

Dr. Gina Spangler, Dr. Gail Rohlfing, Dr. Kate Lambert, Dr. Kelly Lipp, and Dr. Angela Baechtold are all board certified pediatric dentists. Additionally, Drs. Gina, Gail and Kate are all fellows of the ABPD.

What does being 'board certified' mean?

Pediatric dentists that are certified by the ABPD have met the standard of excellence set forth in providing high quality oral healthcare for infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special healthcare needs.  When a pediatric dentist becomes certified, he or she has successfully completed accredited training and a voluntary examination process designed to continually validate the knolwedge, skills, and experience required to deliver the highest quality of patient care.  

Board certification also reflects a dentist’s commitment to lifelong learning and continuing education. ABPD-certified dentists have a desire to practice pediatric dentistry at the highest level and are dedicated to applying the most recent scientific evidence to their clinical practice.  

What training is required to become a board certified pediatric dentist?

The long journey to become a board certified pediatric dentist begins with completing four-year college degree; then, a four-year dental school degree; then a two or three year pediatric dental residency at a university of hospital-based program.  Upon finishing pediatric residency, the candidate must past a written board examination.  Then, after practicing pediatric dentistry for at least one year, the canidate must also pass an in-person oral board examination.  

  • Undergraduate degree (four years)
  • Dental school degree (four years)
  • Pediatric dental residency (two or three years)
  • Written board examination (upon completion of residency)
  • Oral board examination (after practicing for a minimum of one year)
  • Total time to become a board certified pediatric dentist: 11+ years